Helping Neighbors Food Pantry
Serving Craighead County

Panera Bread in Jonesboro Donates Food

At the close of business every day Panera Bread in Jonesboro packages all bakery items that remain and donates them to the hungry in Craighead County. The donation is usually close to 100 pounds of fantastic food every day to local charities who feed the needy. Please drop by Panera Bread in Jonesboro and say thanks for their great continuing community service

Helping Neighbors Food Pantry thanks Panera Bread
for being a great member of our community.

See photos below of Panera Bread staff loading up an evening's contribution.

Panera Bread Employee bagging up bakery items for Helping Neighbors
At closing time every evening Panera Bread employees take all remaining bakery items and bag them for donation.
Soon after the shelves are cleared the master baker arrives to begin baking fresh items for the next day.
One night's donation to Helping Neighbors Food Pantry
One evening's donation to Helping Neighbors Food Pantry