Helping Neighbors Food Pantry
Serving Craighead County

What You Can Do

  • Contribute food items and other staples (most desirable are non-perishable foods—canned meat, peanut butter, canned fruits and vegetables, cereal, rice, dry beans, pasta—as well as toiletries, paper goods, and diapers).
Photo of large group of women from Curves Photo of truck load of food donated
Women from Curves make a donation Crowley's Rige Cruisers make regular donations
  • Provide funds, to purchase food items essential to assure balanced nutrition.
    • Send check to Helping Neighbors Food Pantry (see address)
    • Support Feed the Need. Shop at supermarkets displaying Feed the Need coupons, and turn in a coupon to your checker; urge your friends to do so as well. (see coupon example below)


Food Pantry Coupon image