Helping Neighbors Food Pantry
Serving Craighead County

Who is Eligible

To receive services at Helping Neighbors, clients must live in Craighead County, Arkansas and their incomes must meet guidelines of the Arkansas Department of Human Services. Each time they seek the Pantry's assistance, clients must bring:

  • The most recent pay stub for all members of the household
  • Letters showing benefits from Social Security, SSI, child support, unemployment, TEA, food stamps, WIC, and any other income
  • Social Security cards or other Pantry-approved identification cards, for all members of the household (originals, not photocopies)
  • Date of birth and relationship to the head of the household for all who will receive food
  • The latest rent or utility receipt (to establish residency)

Clients may receive food once in each 30-day period, at which time they will receive a 3-4 day supply of food. Emergency situations are considered on an individual basis.